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What Do I Need To Do To Become A Vendor?

First, you will need to become a registered user.

Second, you will need to complete the vendor application and have your application approved.

What Qualifies My Company To Become A Vendor?A manufacturer or vendor that produces or sells products that represent at least one of the three country of label origins:

  • "Made In USA"
  • "Made In USA With US And Global Materials", or
  • "Assembled In USA"
To avoid damaging a brand reputation, only the manufacturers, exclusive distributors or those having white labeled products can represent a brand or multiple brands on
Do I Need A Business License To Become A Vendor?Yes, you will need an EIN from the federal government. In addition, there may be certain circumstances where a license is required by your state or local government.
Do I Need A Credit Or Debit Card?No, you do not need a credit card to become a vendor, however you will need to have a business bank account once you have become an approved vendor.


Are There Any Monthly Fees?

Our featured plan, eCommerce Elite Plus, has No monthly subscription fees and No transaction fees.

Elite Plan has $29 monthly subscription fees and No transaction fees.

  • FOR A LIMITED TIME:  No monthly subscription fees and No transaction fees.

How Do I Get Paid?

Once an item has been delivered to the customer. automatically creates an invoice from the PO (purchase order) to be paid 30 days from the delivery date.

Payments are deposited into your bank account via ACH (an electronic bank-to-bank payment).

ACH payments are made weekly for the prior 30 day sales.

Example: Sales delivered the first week of February would be paid the end of the first week of March.

This allows time for any refunds or credits to be accurately accounted for.

Who Pays The Shipping Cost?

If NO free shipping is offered by the vendor, the customer pays for the shipping.

The lowest shipping cost will be calculated during the checkout process by the customer selecting standard or expedited shipping. collects and pays for that shipping.

If free shipping is offered by the vendor, the vendor pays for that shipping.

During the checkout process, the customer can now select free shipping.

Who Pays The Sales Tax?, is responsible for the activities of collecting and remitting sales tax according to the new MARKETPLACE FACILITATOR guidelines.
How Do Fees Work On

Transactions fees are deducted from your current balance twice a month and reflected on each purchase order.

Our eCommerce Elite Plus Plan has NO Monthly or Transaction Fees.

Other plans include a 3.5% plus 30¢ transaction fee where applicable.

Ask a sales representative for details.


What Can't I Sell On are a few of the restricted items:

  • Alcohol, drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Guns
  • Gambling and lottery items
  • Gift cards and currency
  • Offensive and controversial materials
  • Subscriptions and periodicals
  • Tobacco and tobacco-related products
  • Warranties, service plans, contracts and guarantees reserves the right to restrict any item on the site at any time.
How Are Returns Handled?

The return request can be processed and tracked easily from the customer dashboard.

The process is handled according to each vendor's return policy and a description of that policy can be located on each product details page.

Can I Advertise With

As a free benefit new vendors will added to our weekly newsletter.

We have also enabled social media shares on all products within the MadeInUSA site. Just one click for people visiting the site to share any product or any vendor on their personal social media pages, at no additional cost.

Individual custom marketing plans will be available at a reasonable cost. Funds will be used through all the social media platforms, targeted emails, and remarketing to those that visit the site.